Help your audience get to your show notes faster and track what they do.  


Engage with your audience.

Collect data from your audience.

Collect data from other podcasters audiences as well!


Imagine instead of telling your audience to go to your podcast show notes, you told them to simply text in a code to get even more information on your podcast delivered to their phone within seconds.


Now imagine that every time you launch a new episode or are looking to drive traffic to a live broadcast, you simply send out a text blast to those on your list and get immediate engagement.


Do you have guests that you interview?

Do you get interviewed on other shows?


Use the access to other guests and shows to expand your audience base.  Every time you have a guest they are going to promote that episode to their audience.  And every time they do that they are promoting your SMS data capture system to their audience as well.  You can see how fast this can grow your list.


Check out below, how Matt Theriault has used SMS data capture on his podcast.



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Promote your podcast to your audience,

faster and easier than ever before.