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Turn every phone in your audience into your own

lead capture device

  • Capture New Leads

    Your prospects want to connect with you.  We show you how to make them jump at the chance to opt-in with you.

  • Do You Speak From Stage?

    We teach you, how to get your audience to engage with your information.  Also, we will show you one technique that you will not be taught anywhere else, to become the hero of your event.

  • Automated Event Follow Up

    Have you ever got caught up in the busyness of travel and realize days later that you still have not followed up with your new leads?  We fix that for you - forever.

  • Three Big Problems SMS Solves

    Download your copy of our white paper on the three problems an SMS campaign can solve for you.

Features & Benefits

of an SMS System

SMS Response

Use the power of SMS text response to connect, engage and follow up with your prospects.  Because it makes your life easier and your audience happy.

Anchor Your Message

Learn how to anchor your message and your brand in your clients mind because this helps them to remember you better.

Instant Downloads

Your prospects can download any digital product directly to their phone.  Because no one wants to wait on an email.

Share Your Presentation

Ever have someone ask if they can get a copy of your slide deck?  We'll show you how to turn this question into a money making call to action.

Follow Up

Travel can delay your follow up efforts.  Follow up fast with your leads even if you are traveling. Because your competition will.

Instant Downloads

Follow up automatically with gifts, reminders and timely communication.  Because life is busy and people forget. Do the easy thing and automate part of this process.  It's too easy not to.

CRM Sync

Sync with your existing CRM system no matter how simple or complicated. Because no one should be entering information in twice.

Live or Virtual

Stage, Podcast or Broadcast - whatever your platform is, we can help you capture more leads. Because if you don't connect and capture a lead for your product or service, why speak, promote or share your information in the first place.

Mobile Payments

Enroll your prospects into your mobile shopping cart and get more sales at your next presentation. Because, hello?  $$$

Our Customers Love Us!

In my 30+ years in the field of professional and personal development.  I've seen the need for this excellent program.

David Corbin

Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Producer

I used to have to drive people to websites and landing pages at events.  Often I would find the WiFi and/or cell signals were not strong enough for my audience to aquire the data. With Text Me Leads, even if there isn't enough internet connection, there is almost always enough cell signal to get a text message back and forth.  I get their data and they have a link to click later if needed. Boom! Problem solved!  Thanks guys!

Kaylene Walz

Child Development Rock Star

Text Me Leads took my problem, giving a 45 min presentation in 5 min and turned it into over $14,000 in new business. This is now a tool I use for all of my clients.  If they aren't using a mobile solution, they aren't playing the game of business with a full deck.

Christopher Wick

SEO and Social Media Expert

With Text Me Leads, I realized that I not only increased my sales at the event DURING my talk, but immediately after and now many months after as well.  In my professional career, TML has been one of the biggest leverage tools to immediately connect with my audiences and transmit value added resources in real-time.

Dr. Jeffery Magee

Human Capital Developer

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Full Concierge Service
We do it ALL for you!

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