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Text Me Leads Affiliate Program
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If you are seeing this page, you have at some point seen the power of text to generate more leads for your business.  Now you can share and profit from the Text Me Leads system.  Simply fill in the form below and we will get you enrolled.

  • Highest Commissions Paid

    Commission Payments:
    Initial Purchase of what you sell - 50% 
    Monthly Subscriptions of what you sell - 20%


    Initial Purchase of what your affiliate sells - 10%

    Monthly Subscriptions of what your affiliate sells - 5%

  • Commissions Paid Monthly

    Commissions are paid every month after the first 60 days of a sale and monthly payments.

  • Commissions Paid On Upgrades

    We track your sales and will increase your commissions if and when your customer upgrades any product.

  • Create Your Own Affiliates

    The strength of your network is not who you know but who knows you.  If you have a strong following of potential customers, here's another way to enroll them in a new purchase and get paid monthly for your efforts.

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